Top 5 hiking spots in the British Virgin Islands

Looking the perfect view on your upcoming British Virgin Islands vacation? Taking a hike among the lush treetops will provide you with some picturesque settings. Here are our top 5 hiking spots in the British Virgin Islands that should be on your to do list for your next BVI vacation.



Sage Mountain National Park

With beautiful views and incredible trails, it is no wonder Sage Mountain National Park is ranked high on travelers’ lists of top places to go while on a British Virgin Islands vacation. Make sure to bring your camera to snap photos of native wildlife, such as the Bo-Peep Tree Frog or the Red Tailed Hawk. And don’t forget to bring your hiking boots! This hike is rocky and for moderate to advanced hikers.



Virgin Gorda Peak

Home to the world’s smallest gecko, Gorda Park National Park contains one of the British Virgin Islands’ best trails to hike: Virgin Gorda Peak. Virgin Gorda Peak provides a panoramic view of the BVI from an observation tower. Travel to the islands’ highest point at 1,359 feet and enjoy the different wildlife as you enjoy a scenic 9-mile hike on your next British Virgin Islands vacation.




Trail of Palms

Experience breathtaking views as you circle the island walking along the Trail of Palms on your upcoming British Virgin Islands vacation. Lookout over the channel and walk under palm-tree covered trails. Maybe you’ll even discover the secluded beach! Be sure to bring sunscreen as the majority of the hike does not offer shade.



Biras Creek Trail

One of the ultimate places to view wildlife and native BVI plants is the Biras Creek trail. During your next British Virgin Islands vacation, visit the bird sanctuary salt pond as you walk two miles and experience panoramic views. This trail is great for all ages and levels. You can also choose a guided nature walk, and learn from natives about the region.



Jon Van Dyke

If you’re on your British Virgin Islands vacation, Jon Van Dyke is one of the top places to go. This 4-mile strip is located on the beachfront and has something for everyone to enjoy. Relax with a drink at one of the many bars, eat authentic cuisine Oceanside or enjoy a four-mile walk on the beach. If you consider yourself an experienced hiker be sure to hike up Majohnny Hill to the highest point on the mountain, which reaches 1000 feet.

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