What to Wear: Caribbean Beach Bags

Bags for your BVI Vacation

Travelling to a Caribbean Beach can be an adventure in itself, but what about the trials of  hauling everything you need for the day with you? Think about it, a day in the British Virgin Islands can have endless possibilities and a travel savvy BVI Stylist needs to be prepared. The list goes on from sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, bottled water, a perfect summer outfit, a change of sandals, snacks, beach games, travel documents, or a good book.

What better way to transport these belongings in the perfect beach bag, only suitable for a beach hopping day at the British Virgin Islands.

From a straw sack to a designer bag – there are a wide variety of arm accessories that will be perfect for your personal style of beach bag.

If you find yourself to be a minimalist, swing by the seat of your pants, type of person, the smaller bag the better. No use in dragging around more then you need for your last minute adventures.


Or, if you’re the type of traveler who needs a “Mary Poppins” bag that can hold everything you need for the day, and then some, a bigger beach bag with strong straps and pocket dividers might be the best beach bag for your travels to the British Virgin Islands.

A bright and vibrant bag is a must do for any stylish traveler headed to the beach. This yellow side bag will make a bold summer statement on your vacation, and can even double as a carry on bag for when you travel to the Caribbean  Islands.

For the ultimate beach hopper, this bag not only carries all your personal beach needs, but also has an attached beach mat. One less thing you need to worry about with this bag as it can substitute for a towel and keep the sand away from any valuables. Plus, its flower pattern is perfect for any Caribbean vacation.

Enjoy a day in the sun, toes in the sand, and relaxing at the beach in the British Virgin Islands with your perfect beach bag by your side all summer long.


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