Top Five Activities in the British Virgin Island




The Baths

A visit to The Baths in Virgin Gorda is one of the most famous popular things to do in the BVI. Here massive boulders formed by volcanic eruptions are scattered about creating a breathtaking landscape of grottos, tunnels, arches and rock pools. The snorkeling is exceptional and there is plenty of exploration to do among the secret beaches and trails.



Scuba Diving

No Caribbean destination provides as many exotic dive options as the British Virgin Islands. Protected anchorages open the door to sloping reefs with lively coral gardens are a submerged fleet of wrecks. Seamounts rising from the seafloor make the British Virgin Islands one of the unique dive destinations. These anomalies on the seafloor are leftover from volcanic eruptions and now offer some of the most complex underwater topography and marine life. One of the top seamounts is Blonde Rock between Salt and Dead Chest islands.



Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is a sailor’s dream on account of the fair winds, beautiful weather, and crystal, warm water. The British Virgin Islands are made up of an archipelago of 25 gems in the sheltered Caribbean Sea. Boaters flock to these islands for the ease of sailing from one stunning anchorage to the next and the sailor friendly bars dotting the beaches.


Melt away stress in one of the many luxurious resort spas on the British Virgin Islands. Our favorite destination for pampering is in the sanctuary of the Biras Creek Spa  on Virgin Gorda. The Spa has a rich assortment of treatments such as body and facial treatments, wraps, massages, manicures, pedicures and more, featuring locally grown Aloe and Neem leaves and the internationally acclaimed Decléor aromatherapy products.


Secluded Beaches

If you want to completely check out and relax, then the pristine, isolated beaches along the British Virgin Islands are the answer. Listen to the sounds of crashing waves and swaying palms as you recline on a palm-fringed stretch of white sand. Some of the best beaches can only be reached by boat.  Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola and Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda top the insider’s list of things to do in the BVI.

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