Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands: Rum Distillery Tours

Since the early days of pirates and sugar plantations, rum has been the go-to drink of the Caribbean. While the number of distilleries have dwindled since the 1700′s, there are still few great historical and active rum distilleries in the Virgin Islands and surrounding islands. Here are a few of our favorite distilleries in the British Virgin Islands for your next Caribbean vacation.

Cruzan Rum

Cruzan Rum is one of the most popular of Caribbean rums. The distillery is located on St. Croix Island and has been run by the Nelthropp family for centuries. Cruzan was one of the first companies to produce flavored rums which have become very popular because of the variety of flavors and the smooth and refreshing finish. The Cruzan Rum Tour is fairly short and inexpensive. There is a lot of open and outdoor areas so you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant odor found in most distilleries. Of course, the tour will end with some free samples, and, consistent with Caribbean hospitality, the portions are generous.


Callwood Rum Distillery

 The Callwood Rum Distillery is a much smaller, traditional and family-owned operation. It is located near the Arundel Estate on Tortola Island and still operates in the original, two-hundred year old stone building. The  tour is small and the samples are not free, but the sites, tastes and experiences at Callwood Distillery are unique and worth checking out.


If these rum distilleries only wet your appetite for more Caribbean rum, check out Sebastian’s Rum at Sebastian’s on the Beach and Biras Gold Rum at Biras Creek Resort.


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