What to Wear: Summer Sandals, Everyday Footwear in the BVI

Everyday in the British Virgin Islands calls for summer footwear, whether it be sandals, flats, flip-flops, or even going barefoot. Whatever your little toes desire to decorate themselves in for a beachfront occasion, here are a few travel tips to remember before purchasing your footwear for your next British Virgin Islands vacation.

One thing to remember when picking out the perfect summer sandal is comfort. Think about walking on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the streets of the virgin gorda, and the restaurants/clubs in the British Virgin Islands before you make your purchase. Ideal sandals are versatile in their comfort level, capability to get wet, and durability in the sand.

Recent trends for this summer help you reclaim your inner beach goddess with rhinestones, flashy turquoise, and neon colors. But remember to keep to the classics too, simple flip-flops are perfect for a day at the pool and can be interchanged for a night out.

Neutral colors that match more then one summer outfit is a must do for those who tend to pack for a vacation on the heavy side. But have no fears, if you get to the British Virgin Islands and come to find your in need of a new pair of sandals, there are plenty of shops and boutiques to fill all of your shoe desires.

Keep your feet looking stylish and feeling happy for your sunny British Virgin Islands vacation with the perfect summer sandals!



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