What to Pack for your BVI Vacation

Heading to the British Virgin Islands for your next vacation? After all the planning, flight booking, hotel reservations, and shopping – the next “to do” on your list is to fill up that suitcase. Among all the things that will pop into your head for things you need to pack, remember, less is more, especially in the BVI. Less material, less clothing, and best of all, less worrying. You are on vacation after all!

The Basics: your everyday necessities such as makeup, shaving goods, medications, and most importantly sunscreen! The things you need to get ready, but only the basics to make it easier on you and your luggage.

Amusement: seeing as you will be on vacation, hopefully there won’t be time for anything but relaxation on the beach with a cold beverage in hand, but for the plane ride and other time wasting activities, bring your favorite books, iPod, or other electronics you might use.

Clothing: pack light! Think light weight, versatile, and wrinkle free.

  • Gentlemen: Swim trunks will be your uniform. Bring at least 4-5 depending on the length of your stay at the BVI. Pair them up with light weight t-shirts and your most comfortable pair of sandals.
  • Ladies: Bring your favorite swim suit, plus a few you might not care as much about. Different types of swimming and beaches are better for each occasion of swim suit. Cover ups that will keep you comfortable and dry will do you the best justice and a big floppy hat to complete your BVI beach look.

Rain: season depending, you might want to be prepared for an occasional rain storm. Either bring rain coats and an umbrella, or wing it and buy them once you arrive if you need them.

Shine: stock up on the SPF! Que the sunshine and lather on your sunscreen multiple times a day. Bring hats to cover up your face while outside and whatever you do, do not forget sunglasses!

Remember the good times: after all the sun, food, and fun – you’re going to want to remember this vacation forever. Bring a quality camera to take pictures of your most memorable activities during your stay at the BVI. Or even an underwater camera to take snap shots of your underwater friends you make under the sea. Looking back years from now, the pictures will take you back to the beach, toes in the sand, and a BVI memory in mind.


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