Three Accessories for Your Summer Yachting Trip
While there are literally hundreds of gadgets and accessories to bring along on your Caribbean yachting trip, we’ve compiled a small list for the adventurous diver, the gadget-dropping klutz and the wine enthusiast.
  1. The Octopump: If you like scuba diving or just exploring under water, then the Octopump is  a must-have accessory for your yachting trip. This device lets you stay underwater for hours without being weighed down by a heavy oxygen tank. 
  2. The Bheestie Bag: If you have ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when you see your phone, iPod or GPS go overboard, then you need a Bheestie Bag. Instead of crying over your water-logged gadget, just put it in a Bheestie Bag and  let the “interior bead packet” soak up all the water. Even if your gadget was fully submerged it will be good as new in no time!
  3.  EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar: After a long day of sailing and diving, what’s better than watching the sun set than with a fresh glass of wine out on the Caribbean waters? The SoWine Wine Bar is small, portable and perfect for Yachting and wine enthusiasts alike. The SoWine Wine Bar will chill and preserve two bottles of wine for up to 10 days. Even a leftover bottle from the day before will taste freshly uncorked! 

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