What to do in the British Virgin Islands: Best Beaches


For all things sandy with a hint of sunshine, the BVI is a beach-hoppers heaven. Although it is hard to narrow down a selection of beaches from the gorgeous oceanfronts the BVI has to offer, these are the top five beaches of the British Virgin Islands.

5. White Bay - (Josh Van Dyke) The ideal beach. Walk-able soft sands cascading into an ocean of light and dark blue waves. White Bay is the host to many beach bars and snack shops, such as the Soggy Dollar Bar, that make for a perfect day of a beach bum. The best snorkeling can be found along the west side of the bay.

4.  Loblolly Bay(Anegada) A beach covered in sea-grape canopies with great snorkeling, amazing diving, sea fishing, and white sands? Yes please! Loblolly Bay is a favorite because of its range in activities and stunning beauty.

3. Prickley Pear Island (Vixen Point) – (Virgin Gorda) The island gets its name from a cactus that can be found on a hike along Vixen Point, for those who enjoy an outdoor adventure through the BVI’s own nature refuge. This beach is family friendly and offers swimming, snorkeling, and beachcombing for all types of beach-hoppers. End your day on Prickley Pear Island at a true barefoot beach bar, Sand Box Bar & Grill.

2. The Baths - (Virgin Gorda) A Caribbean playground made by Mother Nature – The Baths are exotic pools and grottos that were formed by giant boulders, that now are strewn across sand beaches of the Virgin Gorda. You do not want to miss out on this beach. Let your imagination swim along with you in the coral ledges and caves for some of the best snorkeling and ultimate relaxation.

1. Cane Garden Bay (Tortola) The best beach in the BVI. You will be forever indulged here as the sugar white sand sinks in between your toes and the sunshine sinks into your skin. If you want to spend the day laying out and catching some rays, this is the place to do it. The beach is family friendly as well as food friendly. Cane Garden is host to delicious Caribbean cuisine of a variety of restaurants and bars. Grab a drink, lather on some sunscreen, and watch the sunset fall into the ocean of the BVI at Cane Garden Bay.



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