Real Estate Development Oil Nut Bay’s Green Initiatives

Dr. Larry Oswold, the leader of green initiatives at the new development in the Virgin Gorda, Oil Nut Bay  is the brainpower behind the environmental savvy goals of each residence on site.  Owning a second home in the British Virgin Islands is a desired possession, but finding the right one to call home is no easy feat.  As we toured around the Oil Nut Bay property, Dr. Oswold sat down with us and laid out the processes that are in place and requirements for owning a home at ONB.  We are really impressed with the developments commitment to preserving the natural beauty and future of the Virgin Gorda. If you are on the market for a home in the BVI keep a close eye on Oil Nut Bay.

What’s different about Oil Nut Bay than other communities?

  • All trees and materials are re-used and local. Home owners have solar on the roof for electricity and walls are thermal resistant to keep out heat and humidity.

Unique water making process

  • The development implements reverse osmosis with salt water for water supply and use methane for hot water heating.

GEM car transportation on Oil Nut Bay

  • The GEM car is the ideal mode of transportation for the British Virgin Islands weather, the GEM cars are battery and solar powered producing no emissions. They also have regenerative braking and keep the atmosphere serene.

What’s different about the BVI?

  • The British Virgin Islands are isolated and not overcrowded by tourists with pristine waters that are perfect for sailing.

Environmental standards for owners 

  • All owners are given written procedures on how to maintain an energy efficient property. For example, how to maintain swimming pools and close down the house when away.




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