Travel tips from our favorite bloggers

It’s always nice before traveling to get tips from people that have “been there, done that” . We’re giving some link love to our favorite travel bloggers who always provide useful and practical tips for travelers. Enjoy and safe travels to the BVI!

1. JD Andrews: Be nice, you will be pleasantly surprised!

2. Julia Dimon: Pack light-weight clothing that is versatile, doesn’t wrinkle or show dirt. I like to travel with older clothes, so I can donate them and buy new ones as I go.

3. Gary Arndt: Avoid any large brand names. If you stay in big hotels or resorts, the money is going to leave the country. If you stay in small hotels or guesthouses, the money stays with the people who run it.

4. Nomadic Matt: Find a cheap flight by having flexible travel dates and being open to alternate routes.

5. Stephanie Michaels:  Sleep. I always try and take a red-eye on international flights. Some people prefer window seats to lean and sleep – not me. I need an aisle for easy access in and out of my seat.

BONUS: Our favorite travel myth from today’s #TTOT brought to you by @FoodieInternational: “A2. That street food is bad – it may actually be the safer bet! Q2. What “Travel Myths” have been proven right, wrong by your travels?#TTOT

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