DATE NIGHT IDEAS: Wine and Cheese Beach Picnic

So you’re probably thinking, we came to the Caribbean, isn’t that enough? While the trip itself is an amazing opportunity to rekindle the love and flame of any relationship, you can never go wrong with a thoughtful date. Use the beautiful Caribbean scenery to your advantage with a little wine and cheese beach picnic. Escape your resort at dusk with a blanket, some snacks, your love and find a beach cove to make your own. They say, you should never stop dating the one you love.

To make it seamless and simple, we’ve put together a picnic packing list and some of our favorite wine and cheese pairings to impress your palate and lady. Cheers!

Picnic Packing List:

One blanket

Two candles

One French baguette

Sea salt and poppy seed crackers

One bag of green grapes

Choose two wine and cheese pairings:

Ossau-Auraty with a light to full-bodied red Argentinean Malbec

Camembert with a light to medium red wine like Pinot Noir

Gouda with an Italian Amarone

Gorgonzola with Cotes du Rhone or Madeira wine

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