A Few Classical BVI Moments

A trip to the BVI may entail any number of things. You can get lost in a week long sailing or yachting adventure, the beach may beckon you down to it on a daily basis, or perhaps you’ll find yourself trying every new dish, drink or activity you come across. Regardless of what path your BVI vacation takes you on, you get the point here, the BVI offers an endless amount of possibility to you the traveler.

Now whether you’ve been to the BVI so many times that you’ve “seen it all” or you’re planning your first trip down here, the following instances and activities are a few things that we think of as classic BVI moments. All of these moments are things that BVI vacationers or locals alike must experience not just once but every time they are in the BVI.

Watching a sunset over the Caribbean blue.  For some of the best sunsets the BVI have to offer, head over to Virgin Gorda’s North Sound. This particular spot in the BVI boasts some magnificent views by boat or by land with a wide array of anchorages, beaches and resorts to enjoy a cocktail while you take in the sunset.

A Full-Moon Party. Every month, on the night of the full moon, the BVI turns into one of the largest parties in the world. Several well known establishments around the islands throw full-moon parties complete with live music, drink specials and more. Perhaps the grandest full-moon party in the BVI is hosted at Bomba’s Shack in Cappoons Bay on the west end of Tortola. Learn more here.

Taking a nap on the beach. What would a trip to the BVI be without a few beach days in there? After all you are headed to the land of sea, sand and sun. Now after a long day in the sun, playing on the beach or a couple glasses of rum punch you may find yourself in need of a nap. Don’t head back to your room, just put your sunglasses on and find a shady spot on the beach or in a hammock, you’ll find yourself snoozing in no time.

A day cruise around the islands. One of the best things you can do while in the BVI is take a day long sailboat or catamaran trip. Depending on which day trip you decide on, trips typically make 3-4 stops throughout the day and provide you with a home cooked Caribbean meal. At each stop you will be able to get in the water and snorkel, take in the beauty of the sea and relax the BVI way. This is truly a must for all.

These are a few classically BVI moments but remember as long as you are in the BVI, you can’t go wrong!


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