Debunking Myths about the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the few places in the world that all travelers must see. Unfortunately, just like any exotic destination the Caribbean has acquired a variety of myths that tend to scare off a few of your less daring vacationers.

We are here now to reaffirm that the Caribbean is in fact a premier travel location and to refute a few of these common misconceptions.

The Caribbean is difficult to get to. With the number of cruises and flights headed to the Caribbean on a daily basis throughout high and low travel season, the Caribbean is by no means a hard place to travel to. Do a little bit of your own research to determine the best times to travel here and also do some planning for the best deals. If you are unsure about where to go and when, feel free to contact a travel agent, they’d be more than happy to help plan your Caribbean travel experience.

I will not be able to speak the language of the Caribbean. Contrary to popular belief on practically every Caribbean island you will come across English speaking individuals. This is especially true within the hospitality industry. You will always be able to communicate with resort staff in the English language even if it happens to be their second language. Therefore, even though on some islands English may not be their first language, they typically know how to speak it.

All Caribbean destinations are one in the same. You may find yourself awfully mistaken when you arrive in the desert isles of Aruba thinking they would be the same as say the sandy beaches of Virgin Gorda in the BVI. Each Caribbean island offers a different unique culture, cuisine, people, attractions, weather and overall feel. Reconsider your thoughts if you believe that every Caribbean island is your same old beach getaway, it’s so much more.

Summer in the Caribbean is brutally hot. Have you ever reconsidered your Caribbean vacation due to your fear of the heat? Well keep these things in mind next time you’re planning a summer vacation: The Caribbean is home to constant, trade winds and a good portion of the Caribbean lacks that same humidity that plagues you in other parts of the world. If all else fails you have the ocean and constant flow of rum drinks to cool you down.

It’s too dangerous to leave the resort. Although you may not want to leave your resort due to its amazing scenery, activities and food, you by all means should not plan on staying there for your entire Caribbean vacation. Caribbean travelers are rarely victims of violent crime and with a little bit of common sense you can explore some of the most interesting cultures this world has to offer. Get out, be smart and enjoy our paradise.


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