Love for Sail: Romantic Sailing Trips in the BVI

Picture yourself alongside your partner, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, all from the tranquility of a sailboat. Now imagine you two docking near a secluded cove for a day of snorkeling and sunbathing. Enough of that, it’s time to stop dreaming and start planning. Whether it is your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or you’re purely just looking to get out on a romantic getaway for two; the BVI put forward a few of the most romantic sailing trips in the world.

To begin preparation for your romantic sailing trip to the BVI, check out this sailing itinerary on where to go while sailing in the BVI. With this, you can focus less on all of the details and more on all of that daydreaming.

  • The Norman Island Caves. Kick off your sailing trip in the BVI with a stop at the Caves just off of Norman Island. Spend the day exploring the warm Caribbean waters via snorkel and sail. After a day on the water, we’re sure that you’ll be ready for some food and drink. Conveniently enough you can anchor your vessel at The Bight where you will find The William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant. Here you can dine on some local Caribbean cuisine, indulge in a few cocktails and prepare yourselves for one rowdy evening at Willy T’s.
  • The Indians. As a part of the BVI National Parks Trust, “The Indians” offers impeccable reef snorkeling. Located just off the coast of Norman Island, this area boasts 4 jagged rocks that soar 40 feet above the water. As you snorkel your way to the ocean floor you will likely come across a vast amount of reef fish and crustaceans. If snorkeling is not for you or you just feel like spending the day on your boat, find a mooring buoy and anchor for a day of soaking up the sun with a nice little Caribbean style picnic.
  • The Baths. Sail over to the Baths located on Virgin Gorda in the BVI, for stunning beaches, scenery and secluded grottos. Upon your arrival to the Baths, you can anchor with a mooring ball (depending on sea conditions) just a few short meters from shore. Once you reach shore, you will be greeted by large rock formations, sea grape trees, coconut palms and sandy beaches. We suggest that you make your way to nearby Devil’s Bay Beach for a truly private beach experience, just be aware that it will require some navigation through the granite formations.
  • Kitchen Point, George Dog Island. The Dog Islands lie just west of Virgin Gorda and are surrounded by picturesque scenery and wate. Before sailing over to Kitchen Point on George Dog Island, be sure to pick up a National Parks mooring ball as you will need it to anchor. Kitchen Point offers up a quiet, deserted bay with several surrounding small beaches that are ideal for a picnic for two. Pack your wine or champagne and some snacks, we guarantee that if you do so, this will be a day to remember on your romantic sailing trip in the BVI.

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