Full Moon parties in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands offers relaxation, seclusion and breathtaking views that are unmatched anywhere in the world. But another little known secret of the British Virgin Islands is the Full Moon Party. Every month, on the night of the full moon, several establishments throw the best parties in the islands complete with bands, drink specials and more. Although Full Moon Parties happen in different corners of the world, those that take place in the BVI are some of the most renowned; celebrating both lunar madness and traditional culture.

The rowdiest of these takes place at Bomba’s Shack in Cappoons Bay, at the West End of Tortola. Each month, Bomba’s legendary Full Moon Party draws loads of locals and tourists. The moonlight madness spills into the street, the beach and everything in between with live entertainment while dancing the night away. Favorite beverages of the evening include the Bomba Punch (rum punch) or sip on Bomba’s “mushroom tea.”

Another popular destination for a Full Moon Party is Trellis Bay. Located on the other side of Tortola next to the Beef Island Airport, Trellis Bay is a welcoming spot for families with the added flare of flaming fireballs from local artist Aragorn Dick-Read. Aragorn’s fireballs are a story unto themselves. Spherical metal sculptures about five feet in diameter, the fireballs are stuffed with flammable material, fastened on stands over the water, and lit afire. The effect is mesmerizing; flames dance over the crystal water, allowing a glimpse at the intricate carved designs.

Where are your favorite spots for the Full Moon Party tradition?

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