Cheap Caribbean Travel: Day Trips in the BVI

One of the best ways to uncover all of the amazing things that the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean have to offer is to utilize the cost-friendly and incredible one-day excursions available to you.

A variety of destination, scenic, and water sports day trips make the BVI a hub for quick and easy access to some of Caribbean’s finest features. To aid you in the planning process of your next Caribbean vacation, these are some top day trips with a few tips to help cut down costs for each.

  • The Baths. Accessible by taxi, boat, or Jeep rental The Baths are the perfect place for a day in the sun. Trust us, no trip to the BVI would be complete without visiting the famous baths of Virgin Gorda. Tip: Bring a picnic spread along with you to cut costs on food. 
  • Anegada Day Trip. With mile after mile of white sandy beach, Anegada is the place you want to be in the BVI for sunbathing, beach activities and snorkeling. Tip: Don’t forget your beach ball, sunscreen, snacks and drinks to keep you entertained and protected all day.
  • Jost Van Dyke. Accessible by boat, Jost Van Dyke provides a spectacular view of the islands as well as the prime location to indulge in a few cocktails. Tip: Explore the town on foot, save some money by avoiding taxis and get a true taste of the culture.
  • Virgin Gorda Tour. Take the island tour via taxi and check out Gorda Peak, Yacht Harbor in Spanish Town, the Cooper Mine, and the shops around Virgin Gorda. Tip: Bring your own digital or disposable camera to capture all the memories to be made.
  • Tortola Tour. Learn about the culture and heritage of this island with a pre-arranged tour of Tortola. A few places we suggest you don’t miss are Mt. Healthy, Callwood Rum Distillery, Pusser’s Landing, and Road Town. Tip: Take in the history and architecture with a walk through the heart of town.

Reservations for any day adventure in the BVI should be made in advance and will typically be required. Contact the resort which you will be staying and they will be more than happy to provide you with information about the cost and availability of each activity.

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