New Years Eve: 12 party ideas for 2012

Out with the old and in with the new. Forget the fuss, the lines, the VIP lists and remember the best part of ringing in the new year is around your best friends and close family. For some of you party hosts out there that means… with a party of 70 plus.  So, get your party dress on, it’s your party and you can throw it however you like. But, keep in mind our 12 tips and ideas when doing so, to ensure the midnight fun lasts until January 1, 2012 and so on.

  1. Reminder: Send all your guests a friendly reminder the day before the festivities to refresh them on all the party details. That way they will feel in the loop and ready to kick up their feet.
  2. Create a space: Rearrange your furniture to make the common area the center of attention with food and drinks bordering the outer rim. That way people mingle in the middle and the kitchen is then left for cooking and restocking the cocktails.
  3. Lighting: Keep the lighting low with subtle touches of glimmer. Set the ambiance with some lamp lighting fixtures, twinkle lights and tea light candles.
  4. Music: Start slow and friendly and build up from there. By midnight the dance will be heating up, so you better be ready to release the top 40 hits. Guests like to know the words to songs, no matter how much of a music snob they are. So while you may like the underground music, leave the new beats for 2012 and keep it original.
  5. Spotify:  If you prefer an experts opinion when it comes to music, find the hottest dance Spotify playlists on
  6. Dance floor: Remember that common area we talked about? That is also your dance floor.  If people are unsure how to make the transition from apps to the shimmy. You may have to be the host that you are and… introduce them.
  7. Drinks:  Beer. Wine. Champagne Punch are perfect go-to choices.
  8. Food: Make your appetizers substantial to keep all your guests happy and satisfied. We’re partial to conch fritters as they are easy to share as well as filling. Other recommended appetizers include: pork skewers with fresh pineapple, phyllo encrusted brie and kobe sliders.
  9. Freshen up: All the socializing, hugs and kisses starts to take a toll on guests original look. Help your guests feel welcome and provide a basket with all their primping needs to touch up.
  10. Noise Makers: Once the clock strikes midnight… it’s time to make some noise! Provide your gets with a way to bring up the volume.
  11. Transportation: Know that people will be enjoying themselves over some of your specialty cocktails, arrange for cabs to take them home throughout the night. A safe hostess is the hostess of the mostess.
  12. Photos: As the host, you can also be the photographer! Take time to bounce throughout the party and take photos of your gorgeous and happy guests. Make sure you get some framers to gift them in 2012.


BONUS: It’s your lucky year, we’ve included 12 dress options for you to be a stand out host.

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