Surfing in The British Virgin Islands

Unbeknownst to many, in the land of tranquility and beauty, there are also some incredible places to catch a wave.¬†Surf season in the British Virgin Islands officially runs between the months of November and March except with the help of hurricane season, we also see some quality swells during September and October. Whether you are looking to ride your first wave or want that one you’ll never forget, we have it all. With this being said, for the most part the best waves you will come across around here are located on the North Shore of Tortola. But for the seasoned rider looking for some epic rides, Virgin Gorda has a few breaks that go off. Therefore, to aid you in your planning of that next surf vacation, take a look at these 5 spots around the BVI’s that we can’t get enough of.

Virgin Gorda:

  • Spanish Town. Located at the entrance to the yacht harbor, Spanish Town, is one of the few accessible surf spots in Virgin Gorda. Waves range from 4-8′ so this is the perfect opportunity to catch one of those picturesque waves you’ve been dreaming about ever since reading that last issue of SURFER Magazine. Be aware of ships passing by in the channel as well as the sharp coral reef bottom that awaits.
  • Virgin Gorda Pass. This spot is only accessible by boat seeing as though it breaks in the gap between Virgin Gorda and Mosquito Island. To find it, just look towards Mosquito Island, trust us it will be impossible to miss this gorgeous set if it’s breaking. Although, we would like to stress that Virgin Gorda Pass is only suitable for experienced surfers due its large and fast-moving breaks as well as the dangerous ocean floor that lays below.
  • Josiah’s Bay. This is considered the best surf spot on the entire island of Tortola. It is here that you will also find the largest surf crowd on the island. The best waves are when its at 1-3′, making it a great place for anyone to catch a solid ride. The wave usually peaks in the middle of the bay which will give you a long ride in.
  • Apple Bay. Better known as ‘Capoons Bay’ to the locals, this place is somewhat of a staple to the BVI surf scene. With waves usually around 2-6′ it provides the opportune chance to catch a wave for all surfers. Plus with the world-famous Bomba’s Surfside Shack on shore, you can’t go wrong.
  • Long Bay Beach. This is the place to learn how to surf in the BVI’s. Long Bay Beach usually offers waves under 3′ with a sandy bottom awaiting below. Located just East of Smuggler’s Cove on the West end of Tortola, Long Bay is ideal due to the fact that it is easily accessible by road.

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