5 Kid-Friendly British Virgin Islands Activities

Certain experiences will shape children’s futures and a family vacation is no exception. How do you make sure you plan a successful trip to the BVI that’s fun for the whole family? Try these 5 great ideas that are sure to make any age happy.



Whether you’re seasoned or a first timer, snorkeling is one of those things that can really bring any family together and is truly a fun time for all. With just a little practice, most all ages that can swim will enjoy swimming a bit out and seeing what lies beneath the water’s surface. Catching wildlife up close and personal certainly makes for some of the best moments of any trip – just be sure to bring your waterproof digital camera!


Camping on the Beach

With several of the finest campgrounds in the world, the British Virgin Islands make for one of the most amazing camping backdrops any kid will witness. With minimal supplies needed, the whole family is sure to have a great time, fireside on the beach, telling tales and maybe even a ghost story or two. Pair it with some food and some beverages for the adults and it will be a night to remember for sure.


Treasure Hunt

May be more aimed at the younger crowd, unless you up the ante for the older kids, but an organized treasure hunt around the beach or wilderness of the BVI makes for an unforgettably rewarding experience.



No trip to the BVI is complete without a day or two out on the water and what better family-friendly way hits the blue than sailing? Whether you charter a boat or take your own out, the possibilities are endless. Fish, grill, play games, or enjoy the scenery – there won’t be a bored soul on deck.


History Lesson

If you’re traveling with kids that are constantly looking for something a little bit more intellectually stimulating, you could look no further than the rich history of the BVI.¬†From learning about real life pirates to various Indian tribes, everyone will walk away with some newfound knowledge and appreciation for the Islands.

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