Top 5 Reasons To Go Private

Flying private gets a bad wrap. It’s not chosen because one wants to remove themselves from flying on a plane with 150 other people. It has its obvious perks, with safety and efficiency definitely topping the list. But there are some bigger factors to why flying private is absolutely the way to go. Read these and you’ll be convinced.


1. Stop wasting time. It’s estimated that, when flying private, you avoid 53 percent of travel time that would incur at major airport. Keep in mind, that includes things like check-in, security, and flight delays. Basically, waiting around and dealing with things that are out of your control.


2. Create your own schedule. Whether you want to leave after a lunch appointment or make sure arrive in time for the show, you control when you hit the skies.


3. Stay comfortable. With modern jets having modern amenities like recliners and beds, you can make sure you are well rested prior to your destination, whether that’s just laying back or actually getting some shut-eye.


4. Be productive! State of the art cabins are guaranteed to be just as nice and well equipped as your office Рmaybe even more! Get some work done alone or hold a meeting with your whole crew. Hey, the view from the office is not too bad, either!


5. Keep your belongings. With private planes, the problem of losing your luggage simply goes out the window. When you’re not separated from your valuables, there’s no more worrying about becoming one of the thousands who arrive at their destinations without a change of clothes.



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