Best Snorkeling Locations in Virgin Gorda

Crystal azure waters, vibrant marine life and colorful reefs await your discovery.  Here in the British Virgin Islands, we have some of the most renown spots for snorkeling in the world, and in Virgin Gorda veterans and beginners alike will find locations well suited to their skill level. With Scuba Diving magazine regularly ranking the BVI as the best snorkeling destination in the Caribbean, and with shallow reefs skirting the shore, alluring caves, gorgeous granite clusters hugging the coastline, and over 260 species of reef fish, you’ll soon find yourself in a snorkeler’s paradise.

It’s easy to loose track of time as you watch Yellowtail Snapper, Redband Parrotfish, Longspine Squirrelfish and Spotted Goatfish swim carelessly amongst the dynamic reefs.  Here are some of Virgin Gorda’s best places for spotting the wonders of the sea.

  • The Baths - Located on Virgin Gorda’s lower peninsula at the Southwestern shore, the Baths is a well known snorkeling location fitting a variety of skill levels.  While above sea level, people can enjoy sunbathing on the large boulders that surround the area or take a swim in the warm waters, underwater is where the true magic lies.  Fish seem to swarm the underwater rock formations, leaving plenty of hidden cracks and crevasses for you to explore.
  • Prickly Pear Island - Part of the British Virgin Island’s National Parks system since 1988, this nature refuge leads to the north beach which is a wildly popular place for snorkelers.  Protected from any further development, the natural landscape and rugged surroundings make it a picturesque place to spend your afternoon.  Hungry after your dive?  Grab a bite at The Sandbox Bar and Restaurant.
  • Eustatia Sound Home to the incomparable Eustatia Reef, here in the Eustatia Sound you’ll not only find an incredible amount of life underwater.  Generally restricting to charter boats, this volcanic location provides some of the best snorkeling in the islands.

Whether you’re looking to plan an excursion near your home away from home, or looking to venture out a little farther, the team at Oil Nut Bay will be happy to help you take advantage of the very best of Virgin Gorda’s sapphire waters.  From Necker Island to The Invisibles, to Cactus Point and Mosquito Island, whether you seek the adventure of diving on a shipwreck, or your prefer swimming in the protected waters of Oil Nut Bay’s beach, we’ll gladly assist you with securing the gear and kit you need to explore the Virgin Island’s incredible underwater life.

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