Hit The BVI Water: Leisure Yacht Alternatives

Sometimes you want to be out on the water, but just don’t want to take the yacht out. In fact, maybe you want to do things your 85 footer couldn’t even dream of. Whether you want a little adrenaline kick or just simply a nautical nap, change up your pace with these fine watercraft alternatives.


Scubacraft SC3 Sport Leisure

Take your water exploration underneath the surface with the amazing Scubacraft. After doing 45 knots on the water, press a single button to take the plunge below in this open-cockpit beauty and see what life is truly like under the sea. It’s the perfect compliment to any certified scuba diver’s day out.



Personal submarines are all the rage these days and the Seabreacher is an amazing contender for one of the most intimidating. With two models based on a dolphin and a shark, the Seabreacher reaches up to 50 mph on the surface and 25 mph while submerged. These bad boys can leap 12 feet in the air, post-dive, and can also roll a full 360 degrees.



Care for a little fun in the sun while getting a bit of a workout? Then the AquaSkipper is for you! It’s hard to describe what the AquaSkipper does but, put simply, its patented design let’s you fly across the water while merely hopping up and down on it. While it may look large, the AquaSkipper is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs only 26 pounds.



Take a load off and enjoy the beautiful water at the same time, hassle free, with the Sealander. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. With a fully-equipped interior, complete with cooking module, cooler, heater, and seating that converts to a bed, this watertight tow-behind will be the talk of any passerby’s.



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