Best Adventure Watches for The British Virgin Islands

For many decades now, man has attempted to provide more and more functionality to watches. Call us old fashioned but we were never fond of Dick Tracy’s 2-way radio watch, then, and we’re certainly not looking to get the latest spam email straight on our wrist now. We tend to go with a nice classic timepiece that, yes, has certain sense of sophistication, but also enhances our day-to-day life – without the use of WiFi. Here are some of are favorite watches that are chocked full of both form, function, and will do all the things you need in a watch.



Jacques Cousteau. Heard of him? The Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M was a joint effort developed with Cousteau, for over 4 years, and was first released in 1970. Today, it resurges as the modern take ona professional diver’s timepiece. Make no mistake about it, though, this beauty features a stainless steel case that’s waster resistant up to 1200 meters. The Ploprof 1200M is available either with a rubber strapm in a choice of black or orange, or our favorite, a brushed mesh “Sharkproof” bracelet. Because, you know, if you get caught out in the middle of the ocean with one these, what shark wouldn’t go straight for it?




Breitling Emergency 43mm Chronograph with Distress Transmitter

We hope you never have to use this but if we had to put our life in the hands of a watchmaker, Breitling is a pretty safe bet. Designed for pilots and aircrews, the Emergency is an instrument watch with built-in microtransmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. Following a crash or a forced landing, the wearer can active the Emergency by unscrewing a protective cap and pulling the antenna out fully. The 100 mile broadcast then begins for 48 hours which, hopefully, is all it takes.



The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

How can you go wrong with the timeless watch of master adventurer, James Bond? You can’t. The subtle chronograph and helium escape valve make this more conservative timepiece perfect for both working out on that yacht or your next anniversary dinner.  Water resistant at up to 600 meters, we promise that the Seamaster’s more classic sized face is just the right size for any wrist. Although the Seamaster comes in many varieties, including rubber and leather straps, do yourself a favor and stick with the steel on steel. If it worked for Bond, it will work for you.




The Bell & Ross BR 01-93 GMT

If one company’s watches could be called ‘instruments,’ it would be Bell & Ross. B&R’s line of timepieces for aviation professionals are some of our absolute favorites and their signature black and white stylings can’t be matched. The “GM” is unique in that it features a large, central orange hand, which certainly stands out like a flare gun in the night sky on the face.  You’ll love the band which is an amazing thick black rubber that can take one hell of a beating. For those that are jettsetting left in right, the “GM” also has dual time zone support that’s absolutely perfect for those days where you wake up in one time zone – but want to go to sleep in another.


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